About Meraki Go

Meraki Go offers Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Access Points so you can have fast and reliable WiFi, no matter where your business goes. By incorporating the latest hardware standards, Meraki Go access points simply plug into your network and get to work. Just like you.


How to Set Up a Guest Network on Meraki Go with One Click

Secure your business and customer data by keeping it separate via guest WiFi network. Setting up a guest network on Meraki Go is a breeze. Check out the demo to see how you can quickly set up one for your business.

How to Block Websites on Your WiFi Network with Meraki Go

Block specific websites that are unsuitable for your business, employee or customers. By blocking access to unreliable sites such as gambling, adult sites, Meraki Go protects you from cyber liability. Check out the demo to see how simple it is to block websites on your WiFi Network with Meraki Go.

How to Set Up Application Usage Limits on Meraki Go

Prioritize your business-critical tasks in a few taps by logging into your Meraki Go App. Meraki Go enables you to set internet usage limits for all the devices on any of your networks. Check out the demo to see how easy it is to manage the WiFi at your business.