Even companies with in-house IT departments often struggle to carve out sufficient time to accomplish new technology installations and upgrades. UC Warehouse IT experts acts in the capacity of a special team, unhampered by daily requisite IT management to focus on planning, configuration and installation. Starting from day one our team will help your business to adapt to the new solution and will make sure your users know how to use it.

Main UC Warehouse four deployment steps:
Planning stage: our experts collaborate with your IT team to evaluate the scope of your project and will advise on the most effective technology solutions.
Project development: UC Warehouse team is highly experienced in all types of technology, enabling effective project management and technical integration.
Deployment: We deploy technology that can leverage existing systems as well as integrate into new technologies.
Enabling in production: UC Warehouse experts works with you to manage and support large IT hardware and software deployments with minimal operational disruption.

After the main work is done, we are not leaving you. To be sure that project is successful, our IT architect team will provide you with detailed solution documentation, just to be sure that your IT team will be able to take care of it in future necessary steps  or continue to use US Warehouse maintenance services with full access to up to date implemented solution architecture.

Main reasons to use UC Warehouse Deployment and Installation services:

- Fast deployment time of new solutions 
- Avoidance of common mistakes through the use of UC Warehouse experts 
- Maximize Return on Investment in shortest term 
- Allowing you to work smarter, by ensuring your solution is properly deployed

Just contact us if you need any help or have any question!